J&A is the holding company for the DaMi2TM Technologies

Jacobson & Associates, L.L.C. (J&A) was established in 2003 as a data mining technologies and services company.  We quickly found two types of solutions in the market: Package applications that solve problems in small pieces using lots of people, or complex in-house algorithms required lots of tweaking and only one use - so we made our own.


J&A developed self-evolving, high capacity analytics engine.

DaMi2TM engines allow you to drop a bag of fields into the application and let the analytic determine which fields correlate to specific outcome types or reliably predict results.  The engines adapt to the data they are given and self-evolve to changes in business or behaviors, so they don't require special configuration and never require manual tuning or tweaking -- DaMi2TM powered systems have predicted expertly for eight years, untouched, and are still going strong.


Now J&A functions primarily as a  holding company for patented technologies licensing.

We welcome licensing requests,

Are happy to partner with entities developing their own analytics applications

Remain active in several key sectors, through our affiliates.


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