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DaMi2 PredictionCloudTM

Originally designed as a low-cost entry point for engagements, the Market responded strongly to the concept of purchasing zero maintenance answer streams, for a monthly firm fixed price (FFP).  Many of our Customers would prefer to add more projects to the PredictionCloud than pay to in-house their solution systems.




  PredictCloud IaaS

  "Information As A






For customers wishing to reap the benefits of the unmatched power of the DaMi2 family of Predictive Analytics Technologies, without significant hardware platform and software expenditure, we offer the DaMi2 PredictionCloud.  J&A's most popular new product, provides dedicated use of a DaMi2 Evolutionary Analytics Engine fully managed and operated by J&A AI Engineers.  Clients simply upload or secure connect their source data to the PredictionCloud, and let the DaMi2 hive develop, evolve, and maintain their solution(s).  There are Big Differences between a J&A DaMi2 Cloud Solution and "the Cloud" offered by many "big name" providers.


     All source data and information derived by DaMi2 remains the property of the client.  Customer connections are established in individual stored enclaves.  Data, Models, and Findings are visible only to the Customer through the Customer's secure interface, and are never shared with other Customers or Third Parties.

     J&A Data Scientists match the appropriate DaMi2 Engine with the Customer's information goal(s), and handle any configuration.  Customers don't self-service "trial and error" attempts with a library.  DaMi2's patented technology autonomously determines the data he requires to meet the Customer goal and reduces the data stream to what is actually required.  *NOTE as the environment changes, DaMi2 may expand or further contract the data its uses to meet the requirement.

     Information stream is personalized, reliable, and secure.  DaMi2 Solutions continuously self-adapt and improve, because of DaMi2's patented technology, so answers are near real-time; not every 24 hours or more.  Subscriptions are priced based on information demand, and structured to suit the Customer's requirements, not the cloud provider's.



  PredictCloud SaaS

  Personalized "Software

  As A Service"






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