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Our technology and services are extremely unique, so we do need to validate prospective users for security purposes.  All information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential.  J&A does include more stringent and detail privacy restrictions for clients, as codified within specific client agreements.  In no case, we do not share, resell, or provide demographic breakdowns or summaries thereof to any third party. We will not disclose your information collected without the your written consent, unless so ordered by a Court with valid jurisdiction.  We will remove your personal information and any information you supply immediately upon request, unless barred from doing so by Federal, State, or Local statute or regulation, in which case your record and/or associated data will be removed from viewing but archived, in encrypted format and with authorized access only at our secure data center or equally secure off-site backup facility.  Users of this site acknowledge, acknowledge, and agree to hold J&A and its affiliates blameless for loss or monitoring of data submitted to J&A which occurs in the network connection/infrastructure prior to reaching a physical J&A site or data center proper.

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