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The typical J&A Customer has exhausted their energy and resources attempting to solve a problem using conventional, "big name" analytics platforms and providers, query optimizers, and "Big Data" solutions, or they are familiar enough with these options to believe they can't possibly afford the knowledge they critically need.   They have good or great analytical teams, but these departments have reached the natural limit of what common technology can give them.








J&A provides a single service, and we do it in our own unique way.  We get the answers others can't, with unmatched precision, deploying in weeks not years, and operating with very little tuning or tweaking until the goals change.  Our services are specifically focused on implementing our highly disruptive technology to the business challenges of our customer.  J&A data scientists always start with the question the Customer wants to answer.  Our technicians establish a secure enclave exclusively for each client, establish efficient but low demand transport of data from source to processing, ensure the highest quality of predictive analytics is employed, and personalize the results to either directly feed into a Customer system or rendered/visualized on a J&A secure ePortal in a way that best suits the Customers information needs.  Some like numbers, some graphs, some dashboards, and others interactive "what if's."  If it seems simple, it should be, to you the Customer.


           "We don't measure our results by precision alone, but by the speed with

          which our predictive analytics systems adapt to change, and the longevity

          with which they do so."   [Jacobson]


We continue to establish new sector-specific practices to be more attuned to the specific needs of this sector.  If you don't see your interest sector below, feel free to contact us.  A number of our implementations are highly confidential, and therefore, we don't advertise the competency.

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DavenportArk Financial Services, LLC

Exclusive provider of new DaMi2-based services to the financial sector.  Broker/Dealers and accredited investors may request additional information.




Exclusive provide of DaMi2-based products and services to the retail and business real estate sectors.  Solutions include:  Forward looking sales and demand prediction, staffing optimization, retail location optimization, price elasticity, dynamic consumer behavior & response, and wallet share.

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Network Operations & Industrial Infrastructure

Anomaly Detection, Capacity Planning, Root Cause Analysis, SLA Enhancement, Customer Service and Staffing Optimization,  Call Center, Performance Management


Healthcare and Insurance

Adverse Event & Multi-Drug Interaction Detection (Pharmacovigilance), Epidemiology, Clinical Trials,  Outbreak Detection,  Drug Engineering, Medical Surveillance, Health Risk Assessment



Threat evaluation and Targeting, add placement valuation, Complex Event Correlation, Bio-Defense, Search and Detection Efficacy



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