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Today’s Virtual Data Warehouses produce data universes so large and complex, you haven’t the resources to look at them, let alone turn them into valuable information.  Transactional data streams and systems monitoring data are growing exponentially.


The data you collect, but don’t analyze holds the greatest source of increasing revenue and reducing cost.  In many cases undiscovered information is your entity's most valuable resource.


The methods available to the industry, look at 2 to 5 factors at a time—but to understand your business, you need to consider 100’s of factors simultaneously.  The common answer to "how do I study 100 variables?" is "let's figure how many servers and licenses you need to buy."  And of course, you supply the operators.


You will not keep up with Big Data if the state of the art doesn't change.


DaMi2TM Technolgies change the rules of high capacity analytics.


Empowers existing SME’s, Database Management Software/Hardware, and Legacy Decision/Control Mechanism with Embedded Predictive Power


DaMi2 Autonomous Predictive Analytic Controllers automatically generate thousands of individual solution models, continuously refining, recalibrating on the most accurate, and redeploying them automatically to deliver a steady source of analytic precision that evolves unattended with your changing data…until you turn it off.


Software-Based Innovation in “Big Data” Analytics above the query processing layer.  Multiplicative advantage for any hardware and database platform.


While the envelope for higher capacity in statistical analysis has been addressed by some brilliant breakthroughs in hardware processing speeds, we achieve even more significant gains by the infusion of sophisticated yet elegant enrichment in the analytical applications themselves [Jacobson].”


Enables analytics integration without mass co-location or archiving of data.  DaMi2 Controllers learn, evolve, and adapt to data sources--only requesting data they have determined as useful to solving the problem.


Auto-collaboration between DaMi2 instances and DaMi2’s powerful stream analysis capability allows for analytics at the data source, reducing the need for mass data capture and storage.  Moves analytic power to the outer edges of the network and information into the hands of business and operations leaders in the field.



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