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DaMi2TM Product Line

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DaMi2 Technologies are deployed as fully contained Autonomous Analytical Appliances, including software, hardware, and personalized configuration.  Each DaMi2 Appliance is sized for the Customer's specific information challenge.  We productize in four (4) flavors.  Each flavor is based on an increasingly challenging question to be answered. The J&A key to analytics is answering the right question precisely, using the fewest Customer resources. Categories grow in complexity to match a growing depth of Customer engagement.  Upgrade path and pricing discounts allow an easy maturation through the product line.

DaMi2 hives all connect to source data via secured ODBC/JDBC connection(s) or they can deliver query requests directly to your database cluster in any major brand of SQL.  Gold, Silver, and Bronze Technical Support options, as well as specific Customer customization are available.  Find out more about DaMi2.

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