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Health Risk, Drug Interactions,  Genetic  Epidemiology, Clinical Trials,  Outbreak Detection, Bio-Defense, and Medical Surveillance.

Retail Analytics

Sales and Demand Prediction, Store Location, Price Elasticity, Wallet Share, Consumer Response & Behavior, Ad Placement, Infrastructure Management

Financial Analysis

Price Performance Prediction, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Optimization, Risk Evaluation, Fraud Detection, Collection Support, "Black Box" Trading

Network Operations & Help Desk

Anomaly Detection, Capacity Planning, SLA Optimization, Customer Service and Staffing Optimization, Root Cause Analysis, Call Center

J&A Data Mining & Predictive Analytics


J&A provides high capacity statistical analysis and predictive  analytics products and associated services to a number of Federal and Commercial Sectors.  Our Patented DaMi2TM AI Analysis Engine is the highest capacity analytical engine on the market today.



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